One of the most important parts of any club is the social scene and that's something Kinghorn Sailing Club's members make the most of!

Not only is everyone warm and welcoming but having a drink after sailing in the village to discuss the day's activities and have a laugh is something everyone can look forward to.

In addition, dinners and other social events are held throughout the year to suit people of all ages.

It doesn't matter whether you are joining as part of a group or on your own - the club's social side, allied to a friendly atmosphere, will soon make you feel right at home.

Sailing events outwith the club

Kinghorn Sailing Club arranges two major events during the summer sailing season.

These include a weekend of racing at Newburgh Sailing Club's open regatta on the Tay, usually in early summer, and a cruising weekend at a venue in Scotland.

This allows members to enjoy their hobby in other parts of the country and, with the racing weekend, compete against different people and boats.

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